Tomorrow's Sunrise

Posted by Vikesh Tiwari on 2016-06-01

I woke up a bit late today, as per the daily routine, I washed my face, drank a glass of water and Dad gave me a cup of tea. Dad loves to make our early morning tea and this is happening since many years. The morning spent in revising few chapters for the exam and little bit of packing stuff. It was 1:30 PM and I picked my bag, mom gave me a napkin, a water bottle, and socks and I was ready to go. I touched my parents’ feet and moved out of the house. A guard at the entry gate smiled and waved his hands at me and I did the same. I don’t even know his name, he just knows that I’m “Tiwariji Ka beta” (son of Tiwariji). I don’t have my train pass so I was standing in the queue for the ticket, a beggar came and asked for some money. It’s very rare that I give money to beggars, only to those who I see very differently abled and those who are struggling to survive but today I felt like giving her few bucks. I gave her 10 rs. and she wished me luck. Afternoon trains are usually empty so I was standing at the gate with earphones in my ears, I tried to observe things as much as I can. I got down at the Andheri Station, took a rickshaw and reached college. One thing I always liked about my college is the air at the entrance. I can spend hours sitting at the entrance with friends or even alone in the evening with earphones playing some old (sad) songs. My exam was about to start so I just spent 15 minutes standing there and moved to the classroom.

Exam was ok as always (I never said “My paper was awesome!”). I met my friends, they all wished me luck. I tried to meet as many friends as possible. It was our last paper so we all were very happy. I was in a bit hurry so I took a rikshaw to Andheri station. That 7:1 PM local train from platform no. 8, a fully packed train but you need to stand like a statue with no motion just for 30 minutes and I am doing this since last three years so it was fine. I got down at Mira Road and reached back home. Mom opened the door and as I get fresh, A water bottle and Tea/coffee is ready for me and my dad to my mom, right after entering the house, “Vicky aa gya?” (Had vicky come?), mom says ‘yes’. I never responded to this question.

I won’t see all these things for the next three months. I am going to the U.S. for my internship and I am super excited about it. It’s kind of mixture of all the feelings, I will be away from my family, my best friends and you. Doing an internship in a foreign country or out of your city is not about trying to learn as much as you can. That’ll be there always and it’s the most important thing to do, that should be one’s goal to learn as much as possible. Being an intern in the foreign country/city is also about leaving home and life you’re used to. I see the true benefit in having the courage to step out and do something unusual which can open your eyes and help you in future to not to be afraid to make necessary changes in your life in order to be successful. You learn how to be independent, self-aware, how to deal with situations on your own far away from home and you, of course, learn another language (rather improve) in the process which is more than helpful. This is just like a trailer of the movie when I actually leave my home next year. As a Software engineer a job is pretty much guaranteed away from your home.

Talking about all the good things there; Slack, it was really my dream to work for this startup since the day I know about it. I am super excited that I will be interning at my dream company and maybe later as a full time employee. I will be meeting some of the smartest students in the Silicon Valley, it’d be the best opportunity for me to make friends and learn from them. There’s so much to explore. So many people to meet. People that are like me, but not like me. So many to things to learn from a different culture. The best part, I’ll be meeting my brothers after my internship! Omg! I am so excited to meet you, Bhai and Bhabhi ji! :)

I will fail a lot. Whether it is cooking, meetings, washing clothes, forget to call to my parents and there can be so many things. I’m not scared though. No, I’m excited. I love home and I love the little bubble of safety my parents worked so hard to create, but it’s time to leave. I know, I know, I’ll be back home very soon but I am just saying, this is the time to experience something new.

I am experiencing a melange of emotions right now. I am earnestly looking forward to interning at Slack, working in the technologically most advanced country in the world. Eventually, I will be in the heart of Silicon Valley and be living the life of my dreams. But, I will be away from home. Away from some of the most important people in my life. I know that I’ll always make time for the important people in my life. I am used to meeting and seeing few people twice or once in 2-3 months but we are 24/7 online. I am going to miss them so much. Yes, I am a very emotional guy, nothing can be done about it. I know you are reading this, just know that I will miss you very badly. I know you were and you’ll be there always when I feel low, stressed or worried about anything. We are away but still close.

I am going to work my ass off at Slack. I will try my hardest to achieve my goals. Day or night doesn’t matter, I have the best opportunity to show my skills and I will never let myself down. I am competing with myself to give the best in everything. No more bullshit. I am going to do my workouts, eat right, and read personal development every single day. These three months are the best months to do all possible things to change myself. And I won’t stop until I find success, even if that means being a little lost at times. Even if that means venturing away from home to find it.

I am stepping into a pool of uncertainty and unpredictability. Such is the reality of moving out. Of doing something new. I will make a lot of mistakes. But I finally get to do what I wanted to do for so long. What I wanted to experience. Tomorrow’s sunrise will rise in a different part of the world and it’ll be the beginning of something new. Life is going to become a rollercoaster ride.. for the next three months….because…I’m leaving home!

Please ignore all the typos and grammer mistakes. I have my flight in just few hours so I don’t have time to fix them right now. I will fix them all once I reach there.

Thank you :)


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