The year of Adventure

Posted by Vikesh Tiwari on 2016-12-28


2016! The year end is coming, and in a few days it’ll be a new year! Lots of things happened in 2016, it was full of surprises, some good, some less good. While globally it was a very challenging year. Just like 2015, I want to look back at this year, and recount major personal highlights.

Goals of 2016 and How did I do?

I had written about goals of this year. It’s time to rate myself and see how things went. Here is my report card.

I am going to score on the scale of 0 - 10. A score of 10 means I achieved what I wanted, 0 means I did nothing and almost ignored that goal.

  • Lose xx Kgs (Not listing the number here) - 6/10: Yes, I did lose a lot of extra Kgs (16 to be exact). Last four months were really good and I can feel the change. Now, I do not really want to lose weight, I want to be in a good shape. I eat healthy and go to gym daily.

  • Running on alternate days - (5/10): I really really love running now. If I miss a day, my mind keeps reminding me about it. Ohh, You didn’t go out today. Vicky, go and run at least 2 kms. I will be talking about running half and full marathon in 2017 goals.

  • Write more - (4/10): I did write many posts and other stuff in my book and on Medium but, my goal was to write at least one post each week here. I almost failed in maintaining this, but I hope I can change that in 2017.

  • Read more - (4/10): Goal was to read at least one book in a month. I completed 5 books only. I need to focus on this goal.

  • Improve and participate in public speaking - (3/10): I took few workshops in college and talked about my internship in few events in the US. But, I really really need to work on this.

  • Less Facebook - (7/10): I do not really use fb. I had deactivated my account and wasn’t there for almost 1.5 months. I was working on a messenger bot so I had to login there and I started using Fb again :/.

  • Do lot of open souce - (5/10): Yes I contributed to many open source projects and made my couple of projects open source. This goal is going to be in 2017 as well.

  • Improve Networking - 7/10: I met so many brilliant people during my internship in US. Networking is something I really love doing. I made so many friends, met cofounders of many startups and talked to company recruiters about work and culture. I don’t believe in virtual networking now, I want to meet people in real life and talk about everything from Geeky stuff to places and food.

2016 Rewinds

CodeChef Internship

After coming from my North East trip, I joined CodeChef as an intern and worked there from Jan (2nd week) to March.

April - May : Boring submissions and Semester exams

Slack Internship!

I can’t describe this experience in words. This is the best thing happened to me this year. Three months of my internship in US has changed me in many ways. This was totally a unique experience. Travelling alone, living away from family, cooking, meeting great people of different backgrounds and culture. Slack, a beautiful place, I wish I could go work there as soon as I can. I love that place, the most unique thing about Slack is the people and our mission.

From walking alone in the night at 2, to exploring places for food. From cycling across the Golden Gate bridge to friday night parties. I have learnt a lot of things in these three months and I have many stories and memories to cherish forever.

Scroll down for pics

I was back to India in August and then our college has already started. So last four months I focused on my body and our final year projects. I didn’t do much during this period. So, September - December, nothing new. :/

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Pawan bhai bought A6

Jan 2016 and Dec 2016

North East trip at the start of year

My first day at Slack (was very nervous)

Went on hiking with friends

empty AT&T park and me at around 9

Alcatraz tour with Slack Interns

Cyclking across the bridge

Watched Giants game with Slack Interns

Lunch with Slack CEO

Lunch with Slack CTO

Slack interns at Exploratorium

Slack Interns on Mission Food Tour

I’m not saying it was a great and nothing bad happened. Problems will be there always either in personal life or career. I shouldn’t be discussing all of them here but if you read my blog posts, you can easily guess what’s going on. :)

So now,

What’s going to happen in 2017?

Be in a good shape/lose few more kgs.

Read at least 10 Books:
Last year I had decided to read at least 20 books later I realized, it wasn’t really a very feasible goal. This year I’m going to keep it 10 and I will try to read more that 10 books.

I have read Think and Grow Rich and I highly recommend this to everyone.

Do lot of Open Source:
This will be there always. I want to work on few really good projects and also contribute to other open source projects.

Write at least 3 blog post in a month
last year it was one post in a week not making it 3 blog post in a months. Goals should be achievable right? :p

Travel and take photos:
This is going to start right from the first week. This year I will cover 10+ states, meet people and do photography.

Do good in personal and Professional Life:

Spread love, happiness and Joy :)

So that’s about it. That was my year. How was yours? I’d love to hear your story. Email me or Message me on Fb. I reply to everything I receive.

May The Year 2017 Bring for You….
Happiness,Success and filled with Peace,
Hope & Togetherness of your Family & Friends….
Wishing You a…HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017