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Posted by Vikesh Tiwari on 2017-08-29


Before you start reading I want you to read and visualize everything. :)

My village has ritual, when one someone dies, all the relatives and family sleep with the dead body for one night. Now, i don’t know what really happened, it didn’t see anything about how and when it had happened. It was a winter season people used to sleep in their houses without electricity.

Let’s call this person ‘X’ because I don’t want to mention his name on my blog. This person ‘X’, sadly died (I don’t know how) and now the ritual, all family and relatives have to sleep with him for one whole night. I was sleeping right next to this dead body and my dad was sleeping next to me. This whole think was freaking me out and I was kept on telling everyone that I don’t want to sleep right next to him and finally dad agreed and we swapped our place. Now ‘X’, next to him my dad and then me shivering there. X -> Dad -> Me.

Few hours went quitely, most of the people were in deep sleep. They have already done this many times so this thing is very common for them. Suddenly that dead body starts shacking heavily and started making strange loud noises. Before I could understand what’s really happening, that body was standing right front of me. He grabbed my shirt, tried to pull me up from the floor. My dad asked him to leave me and dad were holding me tightly. He - “What were you saying? You didn’t want to sleep next to me? You called me a dead body?” and he tried to kill me.

I opened my eyes quickly and didn’t sleep that night. Have you ever had a dream that felt so real than when you wake up you just have to make sure it was just a dream? The warmth of the sun can not wake me up from this dream that I have been cast into. I sweat and turn and toss under my heavy blanket on my lumpy bed as I try to wake up. But the dream draws me in. I’m seeing such horrible dreams since last four weeks.

Nightmares are helpful to our survival or else they probably would have been done away with by evolution, said Deirdre Barrett, a psychologist at Harvard University. Barrett theorizes that nightmares act as the brain’s way of focusing a person’s attention on issues they need to address.

You can read this here - Why do we have nightmares

Really!? Do I really need to think about someone is going to kill me? Haha I don’t care.

Now, the best part about a nightmare is the waking-up-afterwards part. Because it’s then that you realize you don’t have to go back and fix all the crazy, horrible shit that happened to you in your dream.

Sure, it may have been scary as hell. But there’s nothing like that big sigh of relief that you know you can just wake up….And go about your day.

Such is life. We’re not broken. I don’t believe there’s anything in us that we need to go back and ‘fix’. Yes, it happened. Yes, it molded us. But now we see it. Now we realize it’s all just ghosts from the past.

Our past horror stories are merely nightmares. Freedom comes when we realize we can just wake up, throw our slippers on, and go about our lives.

The only power the nightmare has over us is the power we give it. We keep it alive and re-live it over and over again. It has no inherent reality other than the shape and form we’ve molded it into in our heads.

Bless it. Thank it. High-five it. And get out of the bed. The beautiful day is waiting for you to make memories…

I would to hear your thoughts about nightmares and how can I avoid them.

P.S. : This is not related to me… :p

Thank you!

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